Bangburd Beach

Bangburd Beach


Located in Ban Bang Burd, Sai Thong Sub - District, it is a small curved bay with Khao Bangburd located at the southern end. The beach is cleane with crystal clear water, quiet, and suitable for relaxing. During the world war 2, Bangburd was famous for watermelon farming of Prince Sitthiporn Kridakorn who brought the breeds from the United States Of America. Bangburd watermelon was big, Sweet and crips. Currently, this area is the location of Prince Sitthiporn Kridakorn Monument which was built as a Memorial for the future generations for the remembrance of his goodness and is also the location of Sitthiporn Kridakorn Research Station under the Agro - Ecological System Research and Development Institute, Kasetsart University.

Bangburd watermelon


Bangburd is not only big melon. This area also has many magical things because Khao Bangburd is close to the sea. Its territory is divided by half between Prachuapkhirikhan and Chumporn. Across the moutain to the south, it will be Chumporn Province and when across back to the north, it will be Prachuapkhirikhan Province which is a source of the tourist spot called "Eat in Chumporn and sleep in Prachuap" . It looks like Khao Bangburd was sunk in the sea. Inthe past, these areas were the breeding of the Bamboo Shark, but in the present, in diminished bamboo shark as well. The external environment in the area of the moutain, there are the herd of langur living so that it can be a measure of the fertility of the jungle.


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